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Welcome to RHA

Richard Heath & Associates, Inc. (RHA) helps California families and businesses save money, protect the environment and access services through impactful, socially responsible solutions. We have helped millions of families and thousands of businesses reduce their energy costs, conserve energy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and advance equitable access to vital services. We are a bridge to programs that improve lives, enhance communities and protect the environment.

Low Income Energy Efficiency Programs We Implement

Our Services

Energy Efficiency

RHA designs and administers energy efficiency programs that educate households about their energy use and help them reduce consumption, including through the direct installation of energy efficiency measures.


RHA designs and administers electrification programs that help households access cleaner, more affordable energy options to natural gas, propane and wood burning.

Demand Response

RHA operates programs that help households reduce or shift their electricity usage during peak hours to reduce costs and allow for more efficient use of resources.


RHA helps households build resilience to disruptive events, such as power shutoffs, and provides preparedness solutions, encompassing power, water, emergency supplies and preventative measures.

Water Conservation

RHA helps households conserve water through assessments, education and installation of water conservation measures, such as faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads and thermostatic shower valves and low-flow toilets.