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About the Program

The Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESA) provides no-cost weatherization services to income eligible customers.

Measures Offered

Your home may be eligible for: insulation and weatherstripping services. If your functional refrigerator was manufactured more than 14 years ago, it may be eligible for replacement.

What to Expect

The Energy Savings Assistance Program trains subcontractors who may be working in your home.

Richard Heath & Associates (RHA) and PG&E also have field staff who may ride along with these subcontractors to ensure that the work being done in your home meets certain quality standards.

A subcontractor will be assigned to determine eligibility and provide services. If you qualify, they will schedule an appointment to assess your home and install the measures you are eligible to receive. You should expect to be notified if the appointment has to be delayed or cancelled. Once the measures are installed in your home, you may receive a follow-up quality assurance call or a visit by a PG&E’s Central Inspections Program staff to ensure quality standards were met. 

Throughout the process you should feel free to call our toll free number: 1-800-989-9744 if you have questions or concerns about work being performed.

badge sample

As a reminder, your safety is of upmost importance. All of our staff and subcontractors are expected to wear an identifying badge with their picture and a QR code for verification purposes.

Energy Tips

Unplug unused electronics

Electronics and appliances can use energy even when they’re set to the “off” position. Electronics that you operate with a remote control, computers, microwaves and video game consoles are often on standby mode even when you’re not using them. You can save energy by unplugging these devices when you aren’t using them.

Bundle up and stay warm

One easy way to keep energy costs down in the winter in by lowering your thermostat down 7-10 degrees down for just 8 hours a day.

Adjust your water heater's temperature

Your hot water heater might be wasting more energy than you realize. For most people, keeping the temperature set at 120 degrees provides plenty of hot water.

Let the sun in during the day and close the drapes at night

The sun that comes through your window can help provide heat to your home during the day. Closing the drapes at night allows you to prevent drafts and heat loss through your windows.

ESA Program Contractor Search

Enter your ZIP Code into the form below to find an Energy Savings Assistance Program contractor in your area.



No. Work must be done by the subcontractors who are trained to work for the Energy Savings Assistance Program.

No. The type of measures you receive through this program will be based on your specific home and additional eligibility requirements.

No. All measures are free for those who are eligible to participate in the ESA program.

You are not required to accept any of the measures offered.

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